Culture Club: Come Fly with Me

Readers review this week’s big TV show
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"Sadly, Come Fly with Me proves that British television comedy is at a very low ebb."

Colin Mehigan

"I liked it and so, oddly enough, did everyone else in a house with an age range of 15 to 85. As entertainment it seems to have worked."

Richard Curtis

"The most dire piece of television from the festive season. At best cringeworthy, at worst racist."

Millie Riley

"Give me a break... have we forgotten how to laugh at ourselves? Can we not portray funny characters from other parts of the world without been cast as racist? The British were the butt of many of the jokes too. Was I offended? Nope. I was too busy chuckling."

Joanne Panayi

"Not funny enough to be a parody, not realistic enough to be a reality show. Just a mess."

Cathal McQuaid

"I did find it quite amusing. What can I say? I'm easily entertained."

Nikki Jayne Guest

"If you tolerate this, your children will be next."

Habib Anibaba

"Venom and menace... funny and cruel. Worth watching."

Ade Akinboyewa

"Good costumes, good characters, but missing that certain zing. Although there were plenty of characters I didn't find one that really grew on me. Some of the stereotypes have been done so many times it becomes tedious."

Nadja Nüs-sqen

"Really refreshing comedy from the BBC. For once this was not a poor sitcom that appealed to the middle classes, looking at everyday situations like meeting your mother and falling over. Come Fly with Me is not racist. Does comedy have to follow the politically correct agenda, where the thought of offending anyone is subject to mass disapproval?"

Liam Beattie

"Hardly refreshing – more like rehashed Little Britain."

Paul Whitehouse

"I watched the two episodes and I didn't raise a smile once, let alone laugh. Matt and David, if you're going to do satire then have the balls to find a subject that is controversial and hard hitting. This was a vanity project that the BBC really shouldn't have funded. That said, I can't get over the fact that this most benign of shows has sparked a discussion on racism."

Paul Price

"It's a rather accurate (if slightly over-exaggerated) parody of those airline shows on channels like Sky Three and Fiver. Those who say it's racist need to take the stick out of their backside. It's only a bit of fun, after all."

Becca Dunn

"England is multi-cultural and they are trying to make us all laugh... whether they are successful is a different matter."

Farzana Ahmad

"OK to pass the time, but nowhere near as good as Peep Show and How Not to Live Your Life."

Mark Brown

"Those who find this show offensive are politically correct numpties. If you don't like it, don't watch it. I like anyone who offends people like you."

David L Malatesta

"It is what it is... I didn't tune in expecting to see The Thick of It."

Fraser Fulton

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