Culture Club: Glee, E4

Readers review this week's big TV series
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"Fabulously camp and great fun."

Matthew Taylor

"I liked it until the formula was too obvious and the characters' two dimensions started to show – it's also a bit squeaky-clean and about as raunchy as Country Calendar."

Douglas Jenkin

"I loved the first series. I thought it tackled some serious issues really well whilst being funny and entertaining. Had some great renditions of favourite songs – loved the Madonna episode... Not so sure about this new series – it has lost some of the wow factor. It knows it is successful (which is sometimes the death knell for US shows). The Rachel character just isn't working anymore because you would think she'd have changed a bit by now. Just watched her do Britney's "Hit Me Baby One More Time" – awful and really obviously mimed. I heard they were going to "renew" the characters on a regular basis like Skins – it's time for new people to join the glee club..."

Bridget Atkins

"Generally poor acting, but saved by the writing. A lot of good musical performances. When it's not cloyingly bad it's enjoyable fluff and often laugh-out-loud funny. I'm glad it's on television."

Sam Adler

"The adverts are enough to make me change channel."

Mark Brown

"Watched it a few times – it's fun."

Gordon Blythe

"I love it! Cheesy and sickly, but at least it doesn't pretend to be profound or serious like other awful US dramas I could name, such as True Blood and The Event. And it's actually pretty funny."

Ellie Dawes

"It's brilliant! Going to see them in concert in June."

Kyrsty Winch Was Stretten

"The broads are pretty hot... the music blows."

Tim Sullivan

"Lovelovelove it."

Rachel H. Scotland

"...hideously cheery musical teenagers... Strangely watchable."

Kirsty Judge

"It's responsible for some of the worst renditions of classic songs, but on the other hand Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester) is fantastic in it. It reinforces and perpetuates tired regressive stereotypes such as the dumb jock and the camp gay, but at least the gay character is played by a gay actor, which is rare and progressive. It's syrupy... but on the other hand it does attempt to tackle serious issues such as teen pregnancy and homophobia in schools. All in all, it's a strange beast; half of me hates it and half of me slightly admires it. It's sickly sweet but earnest. It's unashamedly cheesy but can be serious. It confuses me."

Brian Uprichard

"I LOVE IT! ... I'd rather spend my time watching something joyful than the poverty porn you people pass off as 'entertainment'."

Theg Badsushichef

"Things were looking reassuringly acerbic with the arrival of Coach Beiste, a true beast of a woman who seemed set, incredibly, to out-Sue Sue Sylvester. But even within the first episode, she'd rolled over and shown her soft underbelly – most disappointing. While the first series had its gleeful moments, it was always in danger of tipping the balance into mawkish-dom; and judging by the first two episodes of the show's second outing, that goal is well and truly within sight."

Ellen Goodchild

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