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"Tuesday nights have taken on new meaning as I am gripped, waiting and desperate for the next instalment of Luther. He is magnetic, edgy, dangerous, a tortured soul as he flirts with the psycho Alice, played by his brilliant co-star Ruth Wilson, but also emotionally raw and vulnerable as he tries to get his wife back.

He has kissed her and things are looking up, but we are left hanging on the edge of the cliff waiting to see what's next! Each week another strand of the spider's web is woven as Luther and Alice become inextricably entwined in each other's madness, enticing the viewer in till the end... who will survive? Serious withdrawal symptoms start as soon as the credits go up and we are left in limbo until next week. Idris Elba is compulsive viewing and plays his part to perfection with his menacing co-star always hovering, waiting to pounce. They are a match made in heaven – forget the wife!"

Marie Murphy

"The Beeb has done it again. Whoever decided to buy the residual rights to The Wire then cast it aside to the outer reaches of the schedule, at least had the good sense to cherry pick the cast. Native son Idris Elba ticks all the right boxes for playing John Luther: edgy, doubling up on ethnicity and accent, and a heavyweight screen presence to boot, it is all there."

David Ward

"I have been watching this series and I have to say so far it's pretty good. There is a weekly story and also a dark underlying story played out with actress Ruth Wilson, who is a seriously dark yet sexy character. I was really glad while watching last week's episode that I was not on my own, as it was more than a little creepy, although the ending left us feeling like a bit of the conclusion had been missed off."

Claire James

"I know that the beautiful Idris Elba, who plays DCI John Luther, is British-born, but since I haven't heard him speak in anything but The Wire, his Estuary accent felt awkward, like being in the wrong shoes. I remember being similarly unnerved when I first heard David Tennant's real Scottish accent. The idea of a smart but troubled, maverick, morally ambiguous detective is not new. After Luther had solved the case by realising that the missing murder weapon had been stuffed inside the dead (cremated) family dog, my other half said "It's Cracker", and he's right, but I'm not sure I mind."

Emma Chaplin

"Missed last week but caught the rest. It is a rip off of Hannibal Lecter. We need Ruth Wilson to stare at Luther (Zwingli of the Yard) and say, 'You look like a well-scrubbed hustling rube with a little taste, nutrition has given you length of bone...'"

Ron Broxted

"If what I saw of the trailer was anything to go by, I can't understand why anyone would want to watch it."

Susan Ann Hancock

"A mediocre series in my estimation."

John Palmer-Garoghan

"I particularly liked the tension cranked up towards the end as the killer cornered his next victim-to-be in a bathroom along with the shrink-wrapped dead body of his wife's lover. As he battered through the door in a manic fashion, I was fully expecting a Jack Nicholson 'Heeeeeeere's Johnny!' moment but had to settle for the killer's arrest. There was however the final twist where the killer's down-trodden wife chased him and finished him off with a hammer to the head."

Bernie Fleming

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