Culture Club: Strictly Come Dancing, Saturdays, BBC1

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"Ann Widdecombe is up for a laugh and seems to be enjoying herself. She is being very entertaining – light entertainment harms no one."

Di Williams Khalil

"I can only imagine that any right-minded person will be viewing with bated breath, as we wait for right-winger Ann Widdecombe to breathe her last... What next BBC? Nick Griffin on Blue Peter?"

Brian Marsden

"I'm quite enjoying Strictly Come Dancing this year, but it is slightly ruined by having Alesha Dixon on the judging panel. Her comments are utterly pointless and the only reason she's even there is a skewed attempt by the BBC to try to make the show appeal to younger viewers. I'm a younger viewer, but I still find that she's the most annoying thing about the programme. The costume designers should win an award, though. The outfits are really incredible!"

Suzy Miller

"Last year they all seemed to be C-list soap or sofa stars, and in the main, pants. This year we have some real gems – including the redoubtable 60-something Pamela Stephenson – all with a chance of winning. What do I hate? In a word – Alesha. Just what is she still doing there? She has zero credibility, zip personality and frankly, terrible grammar. Please God, someone tell her that it's "you were", not "you was", then eject her and bring back someone who knows what she is talking about."

Imogen Clements

"Each week it gets bigger, brighter, more glitzy and even camper. A complete joy from beginning to end, from the judges to Brucie's terrible jokes, to the celebrities' struggles, to the sensational costumes. But most of all the dancing... Oh the dancing, to be dancing on Strictly – we can but dream..."

Ian Summers

"When have you EVER known a Tory to step down before they were forced out? Ann Widdecombe is just playing to type. STOP VOTING FOR HER!"

Simon Lowe

"Hearing Bruce say his most famous phrase, 'Nice to see you, to see you...', the audience shouts 'Nice' and I think to myself, 'It is nice to see you, Bruce'. I don't know why I get hooked. Is it that I'm glad Brucie is still alive? That Len Goodman (head judge) is either in a very good mood or an extremely bad mood? That no one understands what Bruno Tonioli is saying, or that I really enjoy the awkwardness between Tess and Bruce, Bruce and the audience, Craig Revel Horwood and every other judge, everyone and Anton Du Beke? Will I watch Strictly in 2011? I'm going to say no, but ask me two weeks in and chances are I'll be on my sofa every Saturday night with my girlfriend."

Peter Walsh

"Doing the paso doble on Strictly is fast becoming a shortcut to national treasure status. Ann Widdecombe's amazing performance with Anton Du Beke on the Halloween special was greeted with dismay from the judges but euphoria from the audience."

Jane Talbot

"An ageing narcissist, unable to grow beyond their inner-child, craving the teat of affirmation at any price, has always been grotesque. There is an ever-increasing willingness of TV producers to deliver freak shows."

David Knopfler

"This is part of the reason I haven't owned a television since 1995..."

Connie Concepcion

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