Culture Club: The Apprentice, Wednesdays, BBC1

Readers review this week's big TV show
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"I love The Apprentice; it makes me feel intelligent."

Mike Cable

"Arrogant men and women alert – none are down to earth, all of them completely fake, except Lord Sugar. Respect Lord Sugar."

Colin Bain

"Absolutely great: nice to know that The Apprentice can make an episode out of anything – even fruit and veg!"

Ryan Johns

"I think that pasta pots would sell better to schoolchildren! The boys project manager was too much of a shouter. No wonder the girls won this one... "

Adèle de Moor

"Goodbye, Ed."

Alex Ross

"Why didn't they make smoothies? They could have sold them for a fortune."

Andrew Trendell

"Obnoxious as ever."

Kartikey Srivastava

"Every year I tell myself I'm not going to watch The Apprentice, but I always get drawn back to it, like a fly to dung!"

Citizen Matt Snowden

"Thoroughly entertaining watching all the shallow soulless sycophants claw over each other's corpses for a job..."

Donn Cove

"As usual, just a bunch of arrogant, self-centred, common sense-less wannabes!"

Daryl Brown

"Cringe!! Could they all sound any more false?"

Simon Banks

"All big characters full of arrogance. Especially funny was, 'how do you spell vegetable?' An accountant not knowing anything about figures? Brilliant episode."

Sirah Asif

"The show reminds us how the British lost its empire."

Martin NG

"Yet again, The Apprentice is not going to disappoint me. All the contestants are as vile as ever; the programme always restores my faith in working in public-service sectors and makes me bless the day I quit working in 'retail'!"

Lizzie Evans

"It's the first time I've watched this since the first series. The blokes team is a bit like putting all the worst offenders together in a secure unit. While they are on the programme the rest of British industry can feel safe."

Ken Tait

"Absolutely rubbish. I like to think that the programme and the attitude of Sugar and the editing team are just to create good telly rather than reflect the reality of progressive, socially aware businesses in a global environment. This is silly TV – and Sugar is obviously a dinosaur."

Simon Coxon

"This programme is the epitome of modern professional stress... "

Simon Groves

"Ed should have rolled with the punches just that little bit more..."

Steve Waldron

"Why didn't the boys' team sell oranges when the juicer stopped working?"

Alex Chaffey

"Melody? More like a bad note! How annoying is she?!"

Bola Olatunde

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