Culture Club: The Killing, BBC Four

Readers review this week's big TV series
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"Great series, totally addicted."

Colin von Krogh

"Scandinavian noir at its best!

Hopefully the commissioning of a further series will enable Sarah Lund to splash out on a new sweater. I also fear that Jan Meyer's eating habits will morph him into another Wallander."

John Dewhurst

"My daughter's knitting group are avid watchers of The Killing and not only for glimpses of the famous sweater... My only complaint is that I find it very difficult to get to sleep every Saturday after watching it, and yet I don't have the willpower to watch the recordings later. Plus I don't really like the title."

Marina Donald

"The Killing is brilliant. You forget completely about the fact that it isn't in English because you get so involved in the plot and the characters... it is also very moving in the way in which it deals with the grief of the victim's parents. Terrific doom-laden music too!"

Chris Thomas

"The standout feature of this moving crime drama is the unflinching but unsensationalist look at the impact Nanna's death has on her family and friends. It's a world away from schlocky, shallow stuff like Wire in the Blood or Silent Witness."

Kate Eaton

"It's brilliant – has had me gripped for weeks."

Brian Robson

"The 20-episode format of The Killing enables it to surpass almost all crime dramas in its exploration of the effect of a crime investigation on all involved. All the characters are deeply flawed, not least Sarah Lund. The irritation she causes to the Birk Larsens and her colleagues is very credible. Somehow I think she'll get it sorted in the end."

Andrew Hind

"Having tried to watch this a couple of times... I've just not been able to carry on because of the average dialogue, obvious straight story line and just wooden performance by actress Sofie Grabol."

Henrik Irgens

"Up there with Red Riding, Our Friends in the North, Brideshead and all the other great TV series... Meyer dying has provoked a torrent of comment."

John O Sullivan

"It's riveting stuff and absolutely deserves credit in its own right; the Swedish Wallander was excellent, but now that it's finished, this is a worthy successor and far better than any current British crime drama."

Suzanne Sinclair

"It is dark, complex and some of the acting is refreshingly subtle."

Vivienne Clark

"You feel like you want to ask more questions than those who are part of the investigation."

Maria Zakir

"It's excellent, much better (and a lot less miserable) than Wallander; the length gives the characters time to develop... Good subtitling, too."

Kath Richardson

"More engaging and real than the UK Wallander TV series (which often has the look and depth of an over-the-top car advert) and, yep, even better than the Swedish Wallander TV series... Hope series two is coming soon."

Cat Fletcher

"The BBC has bought the second series."

Andrew Hind

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