Doctor Who series 8, Kill the Moon - review: The weakest episode so far this series

This episode was perhaps the weakest so far in a strong series, but necessary to further an important story arc

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Saturday’s Doctor Who episode, Kill the Moon, continued last week’s lead in prioritising character development over scares.

The grey moon surface provided an uninspiring backdrop for what amounted to a galactic metaphor for the pro-choice debate, plus an almighty falling out between Clara and the Doctor.

Hermione Norris guest-starred as space captain Lundvik, sent from Earth in the year 2049 to save humanity from the imploding moon, but it was Coal Hill pupil Courtney Woods who was the first human woman on the Moon. Now, finally, she has a reason to feel special. A revelation of the true nature of the moon (hint: it’s not made of cheese) presented Clara, Courtney and the female space captain with a dilemma, which the Doctor decided to sit out. “It’s your Moon, womankind, it’s your choice,” he said, as he hightailed it to the Tardis.

This episode was perhaps the weakest  so far in a strong series (more of Chris Addison in the Nethersphere, please!)  but necessary to further an important  story arc. The smart money says this Clara/ Danny/Doctor love triangle will result in a new companion before Christmas. Never fear, Jenna Coleman, there’s life beyond the Tardis yet. Karen Gillan’s new sitcom, Selfie, looks good...