Fresh Meat, Channel 4 - TV review


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The residents of 28 Hartnell Road have just completed the best series yet of the undergrad sitcom. In last night's series three finale, Kingsley and Josie were still struggling on in the sweetest but most doomed relationship in student history's grand tradition of sweet-but-doomed relationships. Meanwhile, romance was blossoming for Howard and new(ish) housemate Candice, but the most touching love story of all in Fresh Meat (Channel 4), has been the gradually evolving friendship between Vod (Zawe Ashton) and Oregon (Charlotte Ritchie).

First, Oregon worshiped Vod's effortless cool, then Vod copied Oregon's essays and this episode they were going head to head in the election for student union president. Vod was willing to sabotage her own campaign to save their friendship, but with her "cheap chips" policy shoring up the vote, that was easier said than done. If only they'd thought of that in Borgen.

As usual, though, it was Jack Whitehall as JP, that walking, talking critique of educational privilege who had all the best lines: "Oh God, having a conscience is so shit," he said after an aborted attempt to bonk Josie. "It's like being a Catholic. Or a woman. Fucking awful."

Roll on series four, and in the meantime, there's a movie version in the works, apparently.