Girls, Sky Atlantic - TV review: Grandma Flo episode in a class of its own

Some little girls never grow up...

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Everyone's still talking about the "Beach House" episode of Girls the week before last, in which Shoshanna, the youngest of the friendship group finally called out Hannah, Marnie and Jessa on all their immature foibles. That was great, but this week's episode, in which Hannah visits her Grandma Flo on her deathbed, was also in a class of its own.

"How's grandma?" asked Hannah's humorless med student cousin, after their trip to the hospital, "Oh, the old Flo Job. Y'know her, just sluttin' round," replied a jovial Hannah – much to cousin Rebecca's disapproval: "I don't think that's a funny nickname for Grandma."

With none of the other three "Girls" appearing in this almost all-female episode, for once the conflict wasn't between Hannah and other Gen Y-ers, or Hannah and her boyfriend Adam. It was between the older women in Hannah's extended family. Hannah's mother, Loreen (Becky Ann Baker), and her aunts Sissy and Margo, had their own truth-telling session at the hospital, which made what happened at the beach house seem like a sisterly slumber party.

There was also an amusing exchange between Hannah and Loreen, when Loreen requested that Hannah please her dying grandmother by inventing a fictitious wedding engagement to Adam. "Mom, I really thought you were more progressive than that! What are they even talking about in your women's book group?" That's second-wave feminists for you, Hannah. Always snuggling up to the patriarchy.

The eternal immaturity of men is a commonly accepted sexist truism. On the evidence of last night's viewing, it seems there are some little girls who never grow up either.

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