Girls seasons 3 finale, TV review: Hannah goes out on a personal high

Even the patchiness of Dunham's writing has a special charm

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Girls on Sky Atlantic took to the theatre last night for its own series finale – although this was more intermission than final curtain call.

Lena Dunham and the gang will definitely be back for another series, and if their current slow rate of emotional growth is anything to go by, another 32 series after that.

Hannah went out on a personal high. After weeks of fretting that her boyfriend Adam's casting in a Broadway show would mean the end of their relationship, she got her own taste of success, with an offer of a place on a top graduate course. By accident or design, she promptly put this good news to use sabotaging Adam's stage debut.

The similarly self-involved Marnie decided now would be a good time to unburden her conscience and reveal her affair with Shoshanna's ex, Ray. Poor Shohanna. She has long been the only truly likable female character in Lena Dunham's study of young womanhood and with each passing episode the need for a Shosh spin-off show has become more urgent. SOS! (Save our Shosh!)

How could the evidently conscientious Shoshanna be failing her course without even knowing it? How could the evidently lazy Hannah have got a place on an exclusive graduate programme without, apparently, ever applying?

Neither of these plot developments fit with what we know of the Girls characters, but both seemed logical compared to Jessa's strange storyline twist. Last episode, she met an elderly artist in a wheelchair at Marnie's gallery, this episode, she was assisting with her suicide.

Then, again, even the patchiness of Dunham's writing has a special charm: it makes this show genuinely unpredictable.