Honey I Bought the House, Watch - TV review

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If you saw Monday night's Dispatches on the British property boom, you'll know there's no better time for Watch to launch its new lifestyle series, Honey I Bought the House. It's Don't Tell the Bride meets Location, Location, Location and perfectly situated to exploit the housing panic. In each episode a couple of first-time-buyers are offered £15,000 towards their deposit, but there's a catch: only one of them is allowed to view, choose and make an offer on the home.

Type A, hyperorganised wedding planner Charley lives in Bishop's Stortford with her partner Chris, a laid-back, pint-loving PE teacher, so naturally it was Chris who was saddled with the house-buying. An enjoyable game of Mr & Mrs ensued – Chris would confidently proclaim a kitchen worktop exactly to Charley's taste; cut to Charley calling the exact same worktop "tacky".

In Chris's defence, Charley's taste in decor was probably best ignored. Her design for the living room was inspired by reality show The Only Way Is Essex and, at 25, she still keeps a row of teddies on the bed. Chris had plans for these: "The teddybears? Yeah, they'll be gone. They won't survive the trip."