Horizon: Are Video Games Really That Bad, TV review

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Is repeatedly mowing someone down in a bloodthirsty virtual rampage more likely to make a gamer do that in real life than someone who doesn't partake in the likes of Grand Theft Auto? That was the sort of question that Horizon: Are Video Games Really That Bad, a rigorous, if not entirely compelling hour (well, to the computer game-phobic type like me, at least), set out to answer. Contrary to popular belief, scientists are divided on the issue.

The tests that we were shown to illustrate this involved the likes of chilli sauce, iced water, Tetris and drew the latest reports, as well as MRI scans and a whole lot of professors. We got a tour of the universities at the forefront of gaming research, each professor given their own jazzily shot introduction. But I really wanted to see more of the gamers themselves.

The final segment was actually the most interesting: computer games may be able to help improve cognitive capacity and reduce mental decline. Brain surgeons, take note, you all need to spend more time on your Xbox.