Ice Rink On The Estate, TV review: Torvill and Dean take a twirl down memory lane

The Olympic ice dancers returned to Nottingham to train teenagers to skate

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Olympic ice dancers Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean were taking a melancholic twirl down memory lane in ITV's Ice Rink on the Estate. They had returned to their home town of Nottingham to "give something back" by training local teenagers to take part in a show on a pop-up ice rink.

The pair arrived at the local community centre with their gleaming Hollywood grins, expecting to see queues snaking round the block. Instead, they found a trickle of unenthused tearaways, shepherded there against their will by a youth worker. Still, with the link between ice dancing and inner-city regeneration still unproven, can you blame the teenagers for their scepticism?


They had a lot to learn about sportsmanship, but Torvill and Dean were equally clueless about what makes teenagers tick. Dean's suggestion that they perform in front of "all their friends" had the youngsters quaking in their hired skates. "I've got to perform to classical music. On ice. In figure skates.To all my year. And they're gonna be in the stands shouting 'gay!'" said 14-year-old Oliver, glumly.

So far it's not looking promising, but never fear, viewers. We've seen enough episodes of The Choir and the like to know that plucky, underprivileged kids always make their celebrity mentors proud in the end.