Jamie's Comfort Food, Channel 4 - TV review: It's getting boring, Jamie


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Clearly Jamie Oliver didn't catch that Horizon documentary the other week on the link between processed meat and cancer.

His latest series of half-hour cookery shows for Channel 4 has a very unfashionable theme. Calorie-count be damned, the recipes on Jamie's Comfort Food are included for one reason only: they taste delicious.

His ultimate burger, lobster macaroni cheese and dreamy marshmallow pavlova did look divine, but the show still rests on an faulty premise.

If, as Jamie says, "cooking great food can be just as much fun as eating it" then why isn't sitting back and watching him cook an even more indulgent pleasure?

Jamie's Comfort Food, which is filmed at Jamie's Essex home, feels like lingering in the comfort zone for this usually innovative chef.

It's getting boring, Jamie. Perhaps it's time to pack a light lunch, ask Jules to mind the kids, and take on another Jamie's School Dinners-type challenge?