Jamie's Super Food, Channel 4 - TV review: A misfiring attempt to uncover why certain areas have the most centenarians

Once edgy and endearing, now he is like watching your dad failing spectacularly to be "down with the kids"

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Jamie Oliver is back on Channel 4 with a new series.

Jamie's Super Food promised us a culinary journey "to some of the healthiest places on the planet to uncover the secrets of why these areas have the most centenarians". Once he'd acquired said knowledge, Jamie brought it all back to cook a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner.

A decade ago his informal, slap-dash style was edgy and endearing. Today, it's like watching your dad trying – and failing spectacularly – to be "down with the kids".

I watched through my fingers as Jamie assured us his day's menu of eggy bread berry pockets, squash daal with spicy egg and steak with tabbouleh came in at under 1,400 calories, but in my head I was doing the WeightWatchers maths and by the end of lunch, I was almost out of points.