Made in Chelsea NYC, episode 5, review: Stevie faces tricky decision after Stephanie's surprise

Jamie remains an entertaining Peter Pan while Jules raises sloaney eyebrows

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Five weeks into Made in Chelsea state-side, the SW3 gang have settled into New York life and are showing no signs of pining for the King's Road.

Just one minute in, Louise’s irritating younger brother Sam is seen riding around the city on a tour bus, wearing a Statue of Liberty hat and waving a US flag.

Then we have Jamie, dressed as a hot dog after losing a bet with Riley that Billie would pick Spencer over Stevie, which falls rather flat in a city like New York where pretty much anything goes. Try harder next time Laing!

Polyamorous American boy Jules is still raising some sloaney eyebrows (apart from Spencer's, who thinks his attitude is 'right', of course), with Rosie left fuming after hearing about his “slutty boardgame” last week. The fact that Jules could be the identical twin of one of his three girlfriends pretty much says it all – this dude has a serious ego and fits right in.


Louise, meanwhile, has had more luck with Alik, who remains a sleaze but she seems to like him. They kiss on average every ten seconds, but otherwise seem quite cute, and a happy couple on MIC is a rare gem, right? No discussion yet about what might happen in two weeks when she has to head back to Chelsea though. Could Bluebird soon see a new face propping up the bar?

Jamie remains the most amusing character as the boy who will never grow up (hence that horrendous Peter Pan tattoo), while Binky, Louise and, surprisingly, Rosie, prove the most fun with their girly gossip sessions over breakfast.

The latter half of this episode is focused on newfound ladies’ man Stevie, who faces a problem of oh-so-epic proportions when his ex, Stephanie (as in Pratt, as in Celebrity Big Brother), flies over as a surprise.

“I can’t stop smiling, I want to cry,” says Stevie when he sees the girl he blatantly still has feelings for, which does not bode well for Billie, who is now at serious risk of falling prey to the show’s seemingly invincible villain, Spencer.

Don’t do it Billie, for the good of womankind, don’t do it. But we have a funny feeling she's going to...