Miranda finale, TV review: A perfect, heart-warming conclusion to the sitcom

All good things must come to an end and the last episode does not disappoint – even if it is a bit serious

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Tonight Miranda draws to a close with a sweet and heart-warming ending.

It’s surprisingly touching and quite tender – that’s not to say there aren’t any pratfalls – but the finale is about Miranda standing up to her mother and accepting herself as she is.

Most of the episode is actually quite serious and a little bit sad - but heartbreak does that. For a second it almost appears as if Miranda won’t end up with Gary (Tom Ellis) but luckily things turn out just right in the end.

The comedy too picks up with some memorable moments - the fight with a road worker holding a manual traffic light is priceless.


The cheesy clips that some shows feature in final episodes is kept to a minimum as well. This conclusion is very much about tying up loose ends and new chapters rather than a retrospective.

It’s a satisfying conclusion to a sitcom that has revolved around the insecurities of a rather tall and wonderfully quirky woman.  

Miranda Hart’s sheer honesty and ability to laugh at herself has endeared us to her over the years. But it feels like the right time for the sitcom to finish.

Much like her onscreen alter-ego, Hart has grown up and is no longer the woman who burst onto our screens back in 2009. Her role in Call the Midwife further distanced her from her bumbling, wacky persona and now Hollywood has come calling. There was only so long that it could all last but it’s been a lovely watching Miranda and it’s safe to say that it is a little piece of British comedy gold.