OAP Internet Virgins, TV review: A patronising premise, albeit rather endearing

George, 84, is taught the magic of iTunes by a pair of YouTuber twins

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Sky One's OAP Internet Virgins, which involves teaching the old folk the ways of the inter-web, sounds like a bewilderingly patronising premise and it proves to be just that, albeit rather endearing.

George, 84, full-time carer for his Alzheimer's and cancer-stricken wife, is taught the magic of iTunes and wireless printing by a pair of YouTuber twins redolent of Jedward.

Niki and Sammy, 23, help the delightful George download Perry Como's "Magic Moments" and together they navigate the pitfalls of Google to find a recipe for meat-and-potato pie – just like his wife Sue used to make.

The twins appear to profit more from the experience than George, who is full of wisdom and twinkly advice, and they help him in real practical terms to do things like internet shopping.

The best moment is when George learns about voice recognition on an iPad. "You can talk to the thing! I can't believe you can talk to it, and it does what you ask it for!" he shouts excitedly.

But a 30-minute programme about an OAP learning how to use Google? It really is too long. Sky should have done a Niki and Sammy, made it ten minutes and stuck it on YouTube.