One Born Every Minute, TV review

The only true home of consistently interesting midwifery drama

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The maternity ward at Bristol's Southmead hospital, the setting for the fifth series of Channel 4's popular observational documentary, One Born Every Minute.

Call the Midwife might rake in the ratings, but this is the only true home of consistently interesting midwifery drama.

This week's expectant parents included gadget geeks Michelle and Michael, who were still traumatised after a difficult first pregnancy and 25-year-old Georgina. Georgina was proud to have transformed her formerly "flash" partner, Richard, into a family man. "The R8's been traded in for a family car and Richard's really happy about it, aren't you? He's really happy." Richard said nothing.

It's no mystery why One Born Every Minute is so enduringly entertaining. Every episode combines three of life's loveliest things, all found in abundance on maternity wards: babies (obviously), everyday humour, and sweet treats (because what better way to say thank you than a box of chocolates?).

In a historic first, midwife Lara managed to combine all three this episode by comparing her epic struggle to open a tin of Roses with the miracle of childbirth: "You're doing it, you're doing it, it's coming, keep going..."