Problems: TV review - mark this one down as a slow burner


Some Australian comedies have a slow-burn arrival on to UK screens (think Summer Heights High and Kath & Kim); others, like the excellent The Chaser's War on Everything, sink without trace.

Hopefully, though, Australian sketch show Problems (Dave) will gather a following. It's clearly influenced by the late-night Adult Swim weirdness of Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareham, as well as Python, and maybe a bit of Big Train, too.

Problems' creator, stand-up Sam Simmons, plays "Sam", a "bald guy who looks like a pervert" according to his cat Mr Meowgi (Ronny Chieng in a half-hearted cat suit). He spends much of episode one trying to find out why his favourite taco recipe has gone missing.

Meanwhile, the moths down his sofa act out an Arthur Miller-esque domestic drama, and a demented quiz master asks questions like: "Wee Willie Winkie – sex pest or pevert?" Maybe mark this one down as a slow burner.