Radio Choice: Gemma Cairney / 1pm, Radio 1Xtra; Lunchtime Concert / 1pm, Radio 3; Charles Hazlewood / 11pm, Radio 2;In Concert / 8pm, Radio 2

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Gemma Cairney / 1pm, Radio 1Xtra Gemma Cairney hosts a London Fashion Week discussion with industry experts. Is being a model bad for your health, how influential are bloggers and why is vintage so successful?

In Concert / 8pm, Radio 2

Laura Marling, winner of the 2011 Brit Award for Best British Female Artist, performs an exclusive set. Presented by Jo Whiley.

Lunchtime Concert / 1pm, Radio 3

Brett Dean's 'Voices of Angels' and Mozart's String Quintet in D major, recorded at the West Cork Chamber Music Festival.

Charles Hazlewood / 11pm, Radio 2

How do the Prodigy relate to J S Bach? What do Mozart and ABBA have in common? Charles

Hazlewood finds the links between seemingly unconnected pieces of music in this new, six-partseries that each week presents an iconic pop track.