Remember Me, BBC1 - TV review: Nice scenery but shame about the script

Another episode ended with no sense of forward momentum

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It’s a bit of a swizz, isn’t it, to be sold the BBC’s supernatural thriller Remember Me as Michael Palin’s big comeback, when he barely features in the second episode at all.

Tom Parfitt (Palin) had gone missing from his hospital bed and both Detective Rob Fairholme (Mark Addy) and care-worker Hannah (Jodie Comer) were desperate to track him down.

Rob out of a weary sense of professional duty, and Hannah because of the connection she now has with the mysterious old codger: “I can’t stop thinking about it, dreaming about it,” she wailed. “I can’t stop and I don’t know why.”

We still don’t know why either, despite the mountains of black-and-white photographs, yellowing documents and online archives that Rob and Hannah rifled through in this episode – it was like the Mark Addy special of Who Do You Think You Are?.

Some satisfying scares did emerge from all the dusty genealogy and Scarborough Spa’s open-air dance floor made an impressive setting for the final showdown.

Sadly, it was mostly a case of “nice scenery, shame about your script”, as another episode ended with no sense of forward momentum. Next week’s finale has a lot of explaining to do.