Skins series 5, E4

Readers review this week's big TV show
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"I think I speak for a lot of my peers when I say I was disappointed by the return of Skins. While it is of course a drama, my friends and I have nothing in common with this new bunch of characters and the whole set-up is somewhat unbelievable. However I've always loved Skins, whether I can relate to it or not, so I'll continue to watch the series and hope the characters are likeable. On a plus, the soundtrack was awesome!"

Euan Tait

"Skins is good because it shows teenagers respecting themselves and respecting others. I wasn't so happy with the new programme about the joy of teenage sex, as that seemed more exploitative of the actors, and encouraged voyeurism, rather than building on compassion and learning about relationships, which Skins is good at."


"The new episode of Skins was cute, moving and beautifully shot. It finally seemed to achieve that delicate balance between arty social drama, comedy and hard-hitting commentary on teen life that it has been striving for with varying success for the last four series. With a brilliant new cast of characters, this was an inspired return for the groundbreaking show."

Laurence Green

"Not as try-hard as previous 'induction' episodes, this gives showboating displays of hedonism that push in favour of actual characterisation. Franky Fitzgerald's bespoke fashion sense and hounded expression are battle standards for every kid who never got their copy of the 'cool' rulebook. They've laid a hell of a foundation for this generation's adventures."

Adam Crabtree

"My 62-year-old father is obsessed. I can't bear it."

Tristan Rivett-Carnac

"Didn't think it could get any worse – but man, I was so wrong. . ."

Chris Brook

"I really enjoyed the first one. Generation 3 is back to the quality of generation 1 . . . Hope so anyway!"

Rob Preston

"I'm not sure about this season, it didn't feel like Skins. "

Dan Teague

"Having been a fan of the first two generations, I found myself disappointed by the first episode of Series 5... It seems to me that we need to become more involved in the emotions behind these characters before jumping straight into their greatest issues."

Rebecca Bleznak

"It doesn't live up to the hype generated by the clever script-writing of the past series, but it is sure to live up to the party, reckless lifestyle of the previous generations. But, patience is needed as the characters still need a bit of bedding in."

Michael Sly

"If you don't like Skins, you don't have to watch. There are plenty of TV shows (British and American) that I dislike intensely, for a number of reasons – but it's not my place to say that they should be taken off the air. I just don't watch them."


"Anyone who has teenage memories can understand and relate to every one of the characters and situations. Even if you were the straight square nerd. The characters and situations and what happens is what happens in every generation of teenagers. In fact I think it does the task of educating and really openly the eyes to the facts of life."

June Knight

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