Television review: Young Apprentice episode six: hair we go


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This week the teams had to come up with their own hair styling product and make an ad campaign for it, then pitch it to a group of advertising professionals. Easy really.

Lord Sugar mixed up the teams, with Patrick, Maria and Ashleigh in Platinum and Andrew, Lucy and Steven in Odyssey. He made Irish Maria team leader for the first time, and put Andrew in charge of Odyssey.

Platinum opted for the self-consciously tacky ‘Strexy’ (sexy and strong), a low-end market hairspray with pink leopard print packaging.

Odyssey, after much confusion, went for hair gel ‘Chameleon’, a product designed for men to help them be whoever they wanted to be…or blend into the crowd whenever they fancied…or, what was it again? 

Most awkward moment

On the phone to Patrick, who had just done the voice over for the‘Strexy’ hairspray ad, Maria says: “Cool, but ask the man if you can edit your voice and make it sound sort of… cool.”

Patrick: “You can say to make it sound more manly if you want, because I know my voice isn’t.”

Funniest line

Nick to director Andrew: “Do the actors sort of titillate their hair?”

Andrew, clearly not knowing what titillate means and not wanting to make an idiot of himself by assuming it relates to breasts, looks sheepish and says: “Errr, sorry, I don’t know.”

Lord Sugar’s best boardroom quip

“Over £2m a year is spent on hair products in the UK, and only half of that is spent by Jedward.” Clearly not on his usual form. 

You’re fired

*spoiler alert* Platinum won and got to enjoy a jamming session with Labrinth, leaving Odyssey to fight it out over PG tips in the coffee shop.

Andrew, who looks destined for a job in middle management, says of team-mate Navdeep to camera: “Nav really is a one trick pony, she’s great at moaning and finding out what’s wrong but not great at solving it.”

Lord Sugar seemed to agree. Despite acknowledging that Andrew had lost five times and agreeing “it’s very difficult for me not to actually act on that” he then finds it very easy not to and fires the more competent Navdeep, claiming she was too academic and “lacking in business nous”.

So Lord Sugar fires a bright, ambitious girl who is a great pitcher in favour of a mediocre boy who he sees a glimmer of himself in. We haven’t heard that before.

Episode six of the Young Apprentice was shown on Thursday, 6th December 2012 on BBC1.