The Changing Room, review: Henry Holland could be the next Gok Wan, but this confused show lets him down

Not even Handy Andy could fix this directionless series

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Fashion designer Henry Holland made his TV presenting debut in new series The Changing Room. Sadly not a reboot of Changing Rooms, this Channel 4 show aimed to reveal what really goes on behind the high street clothing store curtain.

Holland made for a promising TV personality with enough charisma to hide his irritable asides. He might prove to be the next Gok Wan, but the format of his directionless new series has let him down.

The Changing Room had potential to be the fashion world's answer to Gogglebox with lovable characters squeezing into bandeau dresses up and down the country. It could have been the next big makeover show, with Holland coming to the aid of misguided fashion faux pas. Instead it drifted around aimlessly in the middle, unsure of where it was going.

Towie-tastic teenager Brooke and Swansea lad Dai were entertaining, but the purpose of their changing room antics was unclear. Dai and his Welsh mates had a funny short-lived bromance in Birmingham but were never revisited. Brooke opted for a cut-out dress to get back at her ex, only to realise she didn't want him anyway.

Best friends Sheila and Mo had the biggest Sandy and Sandra-like Gogglebox potential, but like most of the clothes tried on in episode one, this show just didn't hang together. Not even Handy Andy could fix this confused format.