The Fall, series 2, episode 5, review: Gotcha! DCI Gibson finally gets her man but the games continue

Allan Cubbitt's drama starring Gillian Anderson is like an American cop show  - but with less sunshine

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It’s been a protracted chase but DCI Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) has finally caught the killer.

We watched hearts pounding as Paul Spector was pursued through the streets of Belfast.

The wire taps and police surveillance add a touch of American glamour not often seen on British television. The Fall is basically a US cop show set in Belfast except it’s far grittier and less sunny – and that’s just the way we like it.


The will they/won’t they catch Spector question continues to play out and the tension reaches fever pitch. He nearly gets away with it but is foiled at the last moment – and what a relief. Dedicated viewers would have been furious if he'd escaped.

Even after he is arrested the cat and mouse game continues. Dornan’s portrayal of the serial killer has been consistently brilliant but this episode really ups the ante even further. His silence speaks volumes and is far more sinister than any dialogue could ever be.

Colin Morgan as DS Tom Anderson (BBC)

The standout performance comes from Valene Kane as Rose Stagg. From bawling her eyes out to sexual propositioning, Rose is harrowing to watch and completely convincing. Her entreaties for release will leave you feeling more than a little sickened.

Praise to creator Allan Cubbitt for such a tense and largely believable series (let’s forget about the scene where Spector hides in Gibson’s cupboard while she’s still in the room). This series has been a challenging and rewarding watch from the start.

With the loose ends set to be tied up during next week's finale, boy has the wait been worthwhile.