The Great British Bake-Off, TV review: Full on sauce as the contestants tackled desserts


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It was hottest day of the year in the The Great British Bake-Off tent. This week: desserts. It started off pretty steamy with "self-saucing puds".

There wasn't so much innuendo as full-on, er, sauce. "This has got to be a saucy pudding," said Mary with twinkly-eyed faux innocence. Cue lots of wink-wink-nudge-nudging from Mel and Sue, who managed to keep silly on the right side of funny.

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Just when the joke was wearing slightly thin, we moved on to tiramisu, then the baked Alaska "showstopper".

Temperatures peaked at 25 degrees as contestants were tasked with producing a cake and ice cream encased in meringue.


It all got too much for beardy hipster Iain who, already hot under all that facial hair, reached boiling point when his black sesame seed ice cream accidentally got left out of the freezer. He binned the lot to audible gasps, and was left with nothing to present to the judges.

"I think that's sort of unacceptable," said Mary, as he predictably got the boot at the end of another entertaining episode. Builder Richard, a Dermot O'Leary look-alike (who's incidentally making a pencil-behind-the-ear look increasingly attractive), took home the "Star Baker" accolade.

It was planning and meticulousness that won the day.