The Killing, Thursdays, 9pm, Channel 4

Readers review this week's big TV series
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"Denmark 1-0 America."

John Perry

"Watched half an hour and lost interest... Please don't try to remake Scandinavian crime series; you will fail miserably!"

Jennifer Targhi

"The Meyer/Lund dynamic is all wrong."

John O Sullivan

"I found it initially more emotionally engaging than the original, but did get quite bored midway through..."

Meirion Hughes

"People seem to love books and series about child-abduction, murder, rape and paedophilia. I really don't understand how that's fun or interesting."

Jack Everett

"Considering all the publicity and advertising Channel 4 have invested, the opening episode was definitely a flop! It was seriously boring. I can only imagine how much worse it will become after a few more episodes..."

Pelle Al-Kas

"Not as good as the original Danish version."

Ian Astbury-Jones

"The US version is excellent – scary, funny and very well done. It seems to rain all the time in Seattle."

Mark Beattie

"Not a patch on the excellent Danish original."

Alison Hall

"Very impressed with this version of The Killing. The characterisation is fascinating and the plot is compelling. I highly recommend it."


"This came to our screens too soon after the original."



M. Hall

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