The Missing episode 5, BBC1 - review: The stuff of nightmares and news reports as we find out more about Oliver Hughes' fate

Tonight's revelations continue to make this drama a tough watch

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The Missing likes to challenge its viewers and tonight is no different. Tony’s shocking discovery on Ian Garrett’s yacht is enough to make your blood freeze.

It’s the realistic details of this scenario that makes this drama series so tough to watch. This show really is the stuff of nightmares and news reports.

Even though the audience never sees the images of child abuse, the implication of what Tony witnesses in the viewfinder is enough.  

Ken Stott gives a powerful portrayal of Garrett; the denials, the guilt and the remorse all feel true-to-life. The role marks a departure for Stott, who is better known as tenacious TV detectives thanks to Messiah and Rebus.


But there are no hints of any heroism here. Stott plays the warped yet damaged villain well – Garrett is the victim turned victimiser. But whether he will face justice is a different matter after he is beaten to a pulp by Tony.

While Garrett may not be the perpetrator, it feels like we’re finally inching a little closer to discovering the fate of Oliver Hughes. The story continues to unfold at a pace that never slackens.

The strands of the drama both past and present are slowly starting to weave together and paint a picture far darker than we could have imagined. 

Tony, Rini and Julien discuss a plan of action to extract information that could shed light on Oliver's disappearance (BBC)

But whether we will ever find out to what happened to the nine-year-old remains up in the air - especially if Vincent Bourg’s words at the close of this episode are anything to go by.

“Perhaps it’s better to simply let go, not to dwell on the choices we have made, where we should have gone, this way or another. Instead we should always go forward and try not to get trapped in the past.”