The Musketeers series 2, TV review: Peter Capaldi's Cardinal still casts a long shadow

Cardinal Richelieu may be dead but he’s mentioned in every other sentence - and even has a message from beyond the grave

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It was always going to be difficult to fill Peter Capaldi’s shoes after he departed 17th Century France for the Tardis, and tonight his absence is felt as The Musketeers returns for a second series.

He may be dead in the ground but every other sentence refers to him - it's severe case of mentionitis. There’s even a message from beyond the grave from the Cardinal. It’s a shame that The Musketeers can’t have a regeneration scene like Doctor Who - perhaps it might have made things a bit easier.

Finally though, at the end of tonight’s instalment Marc Warren steps up as the new big baddie Rochefort. Thankfully that rubbish, long, blonde wig that he spends most of this episode wearing is gone - and not a moment too soon. Viewers would not have been able to take him seriously otherwise.  


There's all the usual swashbuckling adventure that you’d expect from The Musketeers. It even gets a bit steamy with some nudity and sex – the latter courtesy of Constance’s cheesy daydream involving D'Artagnan.

There’s also plenty of intrigue. Apparently, the Cardinal knew everything about the Musketeers. Just how much he took to the grave is another matter. It’s safe to say there will be a fair few bombshells this series.

Despite no longer being in the show, Capaldi’s Cardinal still casts a long shadow that The Musketeers has yet to shake.