The Supervet Channel, TV review: Noel Fitzpatrick returns to Channel 4 to negotiate the battlefield of innovative animal surgery

Needless to say, pet owners are putty in The Bionic Vet's hands

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The Supervet is back for a third series on Channel 4. Noel Fitzpatrick aka "The Bionic Vet" has a not-as-irritating-as-it-sounds habit of narrating his own heroics during operations.

"It's like a battlefield. You have to change your tactics," he said grandly of the innovative surgical treatments that have earned him his reputation (and his own TV programme). "I can mix and match that jigsaw puzzle to build a new endoskeleton, a bit like the Terminator," he said during one consultation. Needless to say, pet owners are putty in his hands.

This week's patients included a limping Pomeranian puppy called Gucci; Elvis, a stoic Rottweiler facing paralysis; and Otto, a lovably daft six-year-old German shepherd with a cancerous tumour above his ankle. "'People say, it's only your pet," sniffled Otto's teary owner Kevin. "He's more than that, he's part of our life. I'd rather it be me than him."

Statements like those help sort the casual animal lover from the Supervet super-fan. To the former, Kevin probably sounded a few chew toys short of a dog basket, but the latter knew exactly what he meant.