The Walking Dead, Fox - TV review: The townspeople of Terminus are as terrifying as ever


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Series five of The Walking Dead (Fox) picked up immediately where series four left off, with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the gang captured by the terrifying townspeople of Terminus.

They might never have escaped, were it not for Carol (Melissa McBride), who had herself a particularly badass episode, going undercover as a walker and causing a gas explosion at long range.

As scary as that abattoir for human flesh was, it's only when the survivors are back on the open road that they must confront their existential terrors: in this walker-colonised world what's the point of surviving at all?

This week's most bleakly nihilistic line came courtesy of Tyreese's charming new acquaintance: "Friends? I don't have any friends. I mean, I know people. But they're just assholes I stay alive with."