This Is Jinsy, Sky Atlantic - TV review


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Last night, we returned to the weird world created by Justin Chubb and Chris Bran in This Is Jinsy (Sky Atlantic) for a second series.

While Dave Allen in Search of the Great English Eccentric aired over the weekend, I saw people on Twitter lamenting a lack of similar weirdness in modern TV. Perhaps they should get Sky.

This Is Jinsy is one of those weird British comedies, like The League of Gentleman and The Mighty Boosh, whereupon a first viewing, it seems inaccessibly strange but, given time, you come to embrace its eccentricities. It's a learning experience. Here, Stephen Fry joined the cast as a coiffured professor obsessed with fine hair, whose arrival bagan a string of events that culminate in an ancient wig coming to life and terrorising the residents. Of course.

There's a lot to be said for unadulterated, often creepy silliness. Jinsy's best moments are its tiny asides: someone holding a newspaper with the headline "COW DIES"; a TV show (hosted by Greg Davies in drag) called "Punishment Roundup"; something named "The Singing Obituaries". It's very silly, but very worth it.