TV Review: EastEnders, BBC1


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David Wicks (Michael French) was in particularly good form on EastEnders last night, delivering a masterclass in menace.

He'd taken it upon himself to dissuade Ian Beale from giving false testimony against Max Branning. Why? Because he hoped doing so would convince the love of his life, Carol Jackson, to take him back. No, I don't quite follow the logic either.

David sauntered into Ian's house and quickly established his alpha male status by expertly aiming an apple core at the waste-paper bin and then casually referring to that time he had sex with Ian's wife.

If I were Wicksy, I'd be more worried about what my daughter, Bianca, was up to. It's so nice to have her back home from Manchester that you might almost overlook the fact that there's something suspicious about her new beau, Terry the taxi driver. Well, you might, if the EastEnders script wasn't telegraphing it so clearly. Aside from the fact that he's overfamiliar and a bit of a scrounger, Terry's bald enough to be a Mitchell brother. In the tonsorial language of EastEnders, there's no clearer sign of trouble.