TV review - One Born: What Happened Next, Channel 4


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Childbirth is an erstwhile feminine mystery that television has helped demystify in recent years, thanks in particular to One Born Every Minute.

Channel 4's documentary series has been present at more than 100 births and given us unprecedented access not only to labour wards, but also to the relationships of expectant parents. When you've witnessed the birth of someone's child, you can't help but think of them as an old friend, so this spin-off series, One Born: What Happened Next, felt like a long overdue chance for a catch-up.

Southampton couple Kelly and Jon already had four children by the time they appeared on One Born, so for Kelly it wasn't labour itself which provided the biggest challenge – "I'm kinda like a cat, I like to just go in the corner and be left on my own really" – but dealing with her own depression.

Maxwell and Tendayi, both originally from Zimbabwe had since expanded their family and reached an amiable truce in their disagreement over parenting styles. Then there was Donna and Wayne, united by their love of routine and their faith in Donna's organisational skills. "I'm the workhorse, as such," said Wayne happily.

On the surface of things these three families couldn't have been more different, but by the end of the programme's 60 minutes running time it became obvious they had one important thing in common: a determination to stick it out through thick and thin.