TV Review: Sex, Stags & Prague: Stacey Dooley Investigates BBC3


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Luton girl Stacey Dooley doesn't have years of broadcasting experience, but last night on BBC3 she proved herself more than adept at winning an interviewee's confidence. Sex, Stags & Prague: Stacey Dooley Investigates wasn't exactly hard-hitting, but Stacey's friendly, one-of-the-girls manner led to some open exchanges with Prague's sex-workers, women who don't always get to speak for themselves. There was 33-year-old prostitute Lara, who said it's almost always the groom who's most eager to buy sex, and 19-year-old Lucy, who works 18-hour shifts in an out-of-town brothel in an effort to pay off her paralysing debts.

When it came to interviewing large groups of drunken men, however, Stacey's butter-wouldn't-melt questioning style wasn't quite as effective. "So listen," she said to a taxi full of stags embarking on their first night out in the city. "You've all got girlfriends sat at home. What do you think you'll be doing this weekend?" "Mainly hooking up with prostitutes," came the deadpan response, accompanied by uproarious laughter from his mates. Wait, he was joking, right?