TV review: The Fried Chicken Shop (Channel 4)


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What is it? A fly-on-the-wall documentary series in a fried chicken takeaway in Clapham, south London, expanded from a one-off documentary last year.

The Independent says: “The Fried Chicken Shop should really have been the worst kind of junk-food TV … But lo and behold, while this hour-long documentary began with a pitch not dissimilar to the awfulness of those shows about Brits behaving badly (in Ibiza, in Benidorm, in Ayia Napa and now on Clapham High Street), it morphed into something textured, tender, and poignant.”

They say: The Express: “Most appealing of all the clientele were Tyrone and Leah, a young couple intoxicated with love and, perhaps, with chicken … Sweet as they were, [they] were not all that interesting. The same went for virtually everyone else who drifted through.”

Radio Times: “A jumbo bucket of London life, bustling with drunks and couples, the loud and the lonely … It’s all touching, funny, a bit gross sometimes and very much right here, right now.”

You say: @hloveallotey: “feels staged. Would’ve been better if they just kept it as a one off.”

@shafzibit: “How do they get a camera inside the oil? #FriedChickenShop”

Details: Mondays, 9pm; watch again: