TV review: The Wrong Mans, BBC2


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What is it? A comedy-thriller of mistaken identity, written by and starring Matthew Baynton (of Horrible Histories) and James Corden (Gavin & Stacey) as hapless council workers.

The Independent says: “Thanks to slick direction and, one suspects, a large chunk of the BBC’s autumn budget, it certainly looks as good as a Hollywood thriller. It’s only a shame that the combination of ordinary blokes and extraordinary setting won’t feel original to anyone who’s seen [any] Simon Pegg/Nick Frost collaboration.”

They say: Metro: “Comic duos are built on sharp contrasts and Corden and Baynton have got them all going on: fat and thin, optimist and pessimist, extrovert and introvert. It’s a winning combination of clashes.”

The Times: “This odd couple from The Office-like office find themselves embroiled in a maelstrom of farce and misadventure, all the while accompanied by lunatic banter. It’s a great way to spend half an hour.”

You say: @HywelWJ: “Quite enjoyed … despite Corden doing his best to ruin it with his annoying character.”

@munderdifflin: “The Wrong Mans is so flippin beautifully filmed and edited and ughhhhhhhh”

Details: Tuesdays, 9pm; watch again: