Uncle, BBC3 - TV review


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If you've been enjoying stand-up comedian Nick Helm's BBC3 sitcom Uncle, you'll be unsurprised to discover he was up to no good. There's only one more episode to go of this first, six-part series and while Andy (Helm) has formed a closer bond with his nephew Errol (Elliot Speller-Gillott), he's still, pleasingly, a truly despicable role model for the kids.

That was proved yet again this week as Andy juggled the affections of three women in a typically craven fashion: current fling Shelly, ex-girlfriend Gwen and Errol's music teacher Melodie. Andy's behaviour was so shabby, he even had to defend himself to an 11-year-old: "What are you? The girlfriend police? I can have as many girlfriends as I want!"

Meanwhile, Andy's sister, Sam was attempting to trade in her reliable but dull AA sponsor, for the übercool Susie, a former Mick Jagger groupie. Susie turned out to be yet another useless role model, but if Sam's after a genuine rock idol to hero-worship I have a much better suggestion: Viv Albertine from the Slits.