X Factor 2014 live show – week 2 review: Chloe Jasmine and Stephanie Nala fall flat

The Eighties tracks led to some lacklustre performances but the usual frontrunners continue to shine

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Eighties week can send even the best of acts tumbling and this week, several acts fell victim to the theme.

Bluesey chanteuse Chloe Jasmine continues to ooze glamour, thanks to stunning The Great Gatsby aesthetics, but the decision to deviate from her unique, jazzy style does her a disservice. The performance does not hit the right note but hopefully next week will see the return of the Chloe that audiences love.

Poor old Stephanie Nala looks set to end up in the final two again, if the judges’ comments are anything to go by. The performance is lacklustre at best and it's clear her confidence has been dented by last week. Despite leaving the “squeaky voice” to one side, it’s still not enough to impress Simon.

The stars of the evening are Fleur East and Lauren Platt.

Fleur more than delivers. She is every ounce the pop star and one hopes she doesn’t get eliminated in favour of a joke act – but this week it is unlikely that she will make it into the bottom two. Speaking of joke acts, thank God Stevie Ritchie’s shirt stays on this week. It's all part of the farce of X Factor and the public still love it eleven years on. Sigh.


Most of the performances on X Factor involve watching people who can sing really well do karaoke. Inevitably it all gets a bit boring, but luckily, the baby of the show, Lauren, puts a memorable spin on Flashdance… What A Feeling.

It’s a refreshing change and gives her an edge over acts like Louis Walsh's Stereo Kicks, who simply served up a rendition of Don Henley’s The Boys of Summer via 2003’s cover by The Ataris. According to Cheryl, Lauren is already in the iTunes chart, so it’s safe to say we can expect big things from her.

But it’s not just about the contestants. From Cheryl’s Kermit the Frog look to a black-and-white photo of Simon dressed in a vest and flexing his guns, the judges, too, provide their share of comic relief. X Factor is a spectacle, after all, and watching them "bicker" is as entertaining as ever. Who doesn't love Mel B's histrionics and harsh remarks?

With another double elimination looming tomorrow, which two acts will get the chop? At this rate Lou Lou may be losing his groups sooner than he hoped.