Super Bowl 2014: The most talked about Super Bowl commercials

The best of the million dollar Super Bowl commercials

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The Super Bowl isn't just a game of American Football, with an estimated worldwide audience of around 100 million, it's big business.

With regular breaks in play the game is tailor made to fit around commercials - that's adverts to you or me - and every year corporations spend more and more trying to showcase their products to a captive audience.

Each spot can cost up to $4m depending on length so companies go all out trying to create the perfect ad, they hope to make something memorable according to Bob Horowitz of Juma Entertainment:

"They must entertain with clever, over-the-top, but not too silly

"Or the commercial has to tug at the heart strings, providing an emotional connection for viewers and the corporate message.

But what were the most popular commercials this year?

Budweiser - America's most famous beer went down the emotional route with a pretty cheesy tale of a puppy and a horse that are inseparable friends or 'best buds' if you will...


Toyota -

The car manufacturer decided that everyone loves The Muppets. Who doesn't want to see Kermit  the Frog rocking a natty Hugh Hefner-style dressing gown?




T-Mobile - 

Former  NFL quarterback  Tim Tebow, didn't get a contract this year but at least he showed he has a sense of humour about it in this ad for T-Mobile that was a big favourite on social media...


Bud Light - Going down the tried and tested celebrity cameo route, Bud Light surprised one man with a whirlwind night that included a surprise game of table tennis with a mullet wearing Arnold Schwarzenegger...

Newcastle Brown Ale - Not technically a Super Bowl ad, Newcastle Brown Ale made fun of the extortionate cost of advertising at America's biggest sports event with this viral ad. Who knew Newcastle Brown Ale was even a thing in America?


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