TELEVISION / BRIEFING: Raves from the grave

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Dr Kenny Kingston, 'medium to the stars', has been chatting recently to Marilyn Monroe. She has confided in him that she is coming back in four years' time as a man 'teaching psychology, which she has been studying on the other side for the past 15 years'. And Harry Truman has let Kingston - who drives a car with the registration number 'SEER KK' - into the secret that he has absolutely no regrets about dropping the atom bomb on Japan. L A REQUIEM (9pm C4), a portrait of the death industry in Southern California, is chock-full of such nuts. George Haggerty's documentary introduces us to the woman whose pet cemetery is bursting with 'celebrity animals' like Topper, Hopalong Cassidy's horse. We also meet a mortuary assistant who boasts of having embalmed John Wayne, and ManWoman, the self-styled Redeemer of the Swastika, who sees it as his mission to rehabilitate the Nazi symbol. He believes that it has been misrepresented; it really 'stands for the four rivers of paradise'. Just to prove his commitment to the cause, he has had Swastikas tattooed all over his upper body. Entertaining enough, but this left-field area has already been well trodden by Jonathan Ross.

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