TELEVISION / BRIEFING: The true colours of dictatorship

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Charlotte Knobloch, the president of Munich's Jewish Cultural Association, watches the colour footage of Hitler lording it at the city's arts festival in 1939, shakes her head and mouths the word 'unbelievable' over and over. She is taken aback by the exuberance of the population, dressed variously as Greek nymphs and Valkyries. 'It is incomprehensible that people could be so joyful,' Knobloch says, 'when only 20 kilometres away the Dachau concentration camp overflowed with people who had broken no laws.'

This fascinating film, shot by an amateur enthusiast, has been discovered recently under a pile of wood in a cellar and is shown on 'Good Morning Mr Hitler', the last in the present series of WITHOUT WALLS (9pm C4). Luke Holland, the producer, has rounded up many people who were there to view the 16-minute film, rich in brown shirts and red flags. One woman spots her old boss. A Hitler sympathiser praises the Nazi art on show, saying its sense of order made her want to dash home and tidy up.

A footnote: the Haus der Kunst, in which Hitler is seen railing against 'decadent, sickening' art, is now a disco.

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