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Telltale (ITV Thur): 'What follows and stretches to another two episodes is guessing who is really super-grassing on who and why; and whether the sergeants will end as victims rather than victors . . . Against the odds, I'd like to know.' Hugh Hebert, Guardian.

'It was supposed to be set in Wales, but, with Bernard Hill in the main part and none of the other characters calling each other 'boyo' or 'Jonesy', the local colour was conspicuous by its absence. What gave the programme its distinction was Ewart Alexander's script. It was languid in pace, which can be a drawback in this sort of story, but the slow tempo was more than compensated for by the finesse of the characterisation.' Max Davidson, Daily Telegraph.

'You knew you'd seen it all before; the only problem was remembering where . . . Next week I shall take the softest option of all, and watch something else.' Marcus Berkmann, Daily Mail.

'An hour of whimsical Welsh windbaggery from HTV that was entirely without thrills.' Maureen Paton, Daily Express.

'(It) reflected the latest advances in this genre. The policemen have marital problems; the violent criminals are vulnerable; almost everything happens at night . . .' Tony Patrick, The Times.