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Pauline Matthews, principal legal officer at the Equal Opportunities Commission, on Making Advances (11.40pm), the BBC1 series on sexual harassment at work: 'The programme handles the issues well and in an interesting way. I liked about 80 per cent of it: dramatising the incidents didn't work sometimes, especially when the men were giving a leer; I think people might have laughed at that. Though that said, two of my cases appeared in the first programme and it was odd how much the dramatisations affected me, even having handled them.

'Emma Freud was good and sympathetic but she didn't miss the other side of it - people could label a programme like this as radically feminist but it tried to be mainstream without being totally biased. They even included one case of a man harassed by a woman which was good, and I know they had problems finding men to talk who had harassed women.

'I thought the psychologist was brilliant; her explanation of a man's motive - as something to do with safety rather than seductiveness - was fascinating. I always find difficult the question: 'Why do men do it?'

'I hope the programme will do some good, though my main criticism is that it's on far too late, it's not going to get through to the relevant audience - especially working women - at that time.'