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Peter Salmon, Controller of Factual Programmes, reflects on Channel 4's Bloody Bosnia season: 'It's been a campaign to keep the issue in the headlines. We wanted to keep Bosnia on the TV map and I think it will be harder for other programme makers to ignore it now.

'From our duty log, mail bag and press coverage, I would say it's been successful - it's been noticed and talked about. The one level of reaction I've been disappointed in has been from politicians. I just have a feeling that they have gone on holiday and I'm disappointed about that. There are limits to what you can achieve; this is television, we are Channel 4 and not the UN Security Council, but hopefully we can play a part in keeping the issue hot.

'Two consistent remarks have been particularly interesting: firstly, the American media asking how a commercial television station can do something like this; secondly, viewers saying thank you for this but what about bloody Ulster?

'I think this ranks alongside the homelessness series we did. But we need to be careful about these seasons, they're for special things only.'