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Narendhra Morar, managing editor of the multi-cultural programmes unit at Pebble Mill, on the new documentary series All Black (BBC 2 8pm) and approaches to multi-cultural programming: 'We believe journalism should come first, we're not PR merchants for a particular community. In the past, many black journalists didn't tackle negative issues, but when something bad happens, it shouldn't be ignored.

'There is always a possibility that the white angle could be ignored, but very often in TV issues are only discussed in general terms and don't reflect the diversity. Tonight we deal with the increasing number of black rent boys; this isn't to say that there aren't white rent boys, but people just don't know about the rise in black ones.

'The key to reflect a community is to have a multi-faceted approach: you have one basket of concerns and one basket of enthusiasms. As long as you deal with the enthusiasms in another series, then you present a complete view; it's hard for one series to do both things.

'We don't have a problem attracting a white audience - the times of introspection are gone. These programmes are not narrow-casting but broadcasting.'