The best television shows of 2013

The Independent's TV critic selects this year's best of the box

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The last year has seen some great television- a lot of which was watched on computer screens.

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The phenomenal success of Breaking Bad brought the availability of internet TV to anyone still left hiding under a rock.

Beyond excellent dramas like Breaking Bad and Top of the Lake, the last year has seen some excellent new comedy come to our screens.

Yonderland was a welcome replacement from Channel 4, stepping into the shoes of Monty Python with a dose of fantasy silliness.

And just when you though Channel 4 had exhausted the fly-on-the-wall reality TV format, along came Gogglebox. Essentially a TV show about people watching TV, the programme has built up a steady audience of two million viewers.

But returning to the depths of reality television, this year's TV turkey goes to X Factor. The show continued to plough on, although no one seemed to be quite sure why.