The TV Show: Fleming, Sky Atlantic


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What is it? A bio-drama about the life of Bond-creator, Ian Fleming, starring Dominic Cooper alongside Sherlock’s Lara Pulver, Anna Chancellor, and Lesley Manville. It’s directed by Mat Whitecross.

The Independent says: “What’s better than a great story? The story of the person who wrote a great story … It’s a weird reversal. Fleming created Bond as an act of wish fulfilment … Here, the projection is turned back around and upon him. It works well enough … [Cooper] effectively transfers the smirk of Bond on to Fleming.”

They say: The Guardian: “Fleming is beautiful, shot like a Bond film – with approximately 892 nods to the franchise … it gradually dawns that this is an exposé of what an awful human being Ian Fleming was … [the viewer is] spoonfed thick, unctuous vomit from a large tureen forged from glimmering, gilded rubbish.”

Huffington Post: “It’s a good thing that the actors know how to deliver this sometimes-clunky material, because dialogue is often all they have to work with … The drama is also almost hilariously unsubtle at times … Cooper does a solid job [but] Pulver … manages to steal the show.”

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