The TV Show: Liberty of London, Channel 4


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What is it? A documentary going behind the scenes at the London department store.

The Independent says: “Liberty truly is a glorious cornucopia of things I’ll never be able to afford, so there was some vicarious pleasure to be had in observing people who could …. Come to think of it, this whole programme was really one long advert for Liberty’s charms, wasn’t it? Aren’t there Ofcom rules about this kind of thing?”

They say: The Daily Mail: “We love to believe in the magic of luxury. That’s why Liberty Of London, the Channel 4 documentary on Monday that laid bare the secrets of Britain’s most idiosyncratically lavish department store, was a catastrophe. Not so much fly-on-the-wall as a wrecking ball … it was hideous to discover that all of this magic is gimcrack fakery.”

Huffington Post: “If reality TV has taught us anything, it’s that if you film intimately for long enough, anyone is interesting.”

You say: @Kitty_McGowan: “‘Liberty of London’ on Channel 4 is like retail porn. #lovingit”

@MrsDreamyAzz: “400 quid for cushions for your sofa? You need to re-evaluate your life”

@ChelseaKelv: “unless you look like you’re in Scissor Sisters, you ain’t getting a job there”

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